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Proposal to become an Academy


“Excellence Through Collaboration”

The Proposal

The Governing Body of Claydon Primary School have been discussing deeper school-to school partnership given current Government policy on education and the running of schools.  Although Claydon Primary School is performing well, the governors recognise that in an increasingly challenging educational landscape maintaining and improving school performance needs a more sustainable plan. Therefore they are considering joining the South Suffolk Learning Trust.

The South Suffolk Learning Trust is comprised of three schools; Claydon High School, East Bergholt High School and Hadleigh High School

Each school within the Trust is already successful in its own right, playing an important role within the communities they serve, with a distinctive ethos and individual approach. These schools came together recognising an increasingly challenging educational landscape and that a fresh approach is needed to maintain and improve school performance.  Claydon Primary School Governors are consulting on joining this Trust for similar reasons whilst recognising the benefits that could be both gained and offered if part of this group.

The South Suffolk Learning Trust is a partnership that strengthens and sustains the quality of education each school is able to offer their children and young people through greater collaboration and joint working between member schools.

The multi-academy trust was established in June 2017 with the hope that it would expand to include a family of feeder primary schools that would work together for mutual advantage, as well as benefiting from the trust’s resources, services and economies of scale.

Published Documentation

Stakeholder Consultation Report: Main report, Appendix 3 - Parent/carer survey results, Appendix 4 - Staff survey results