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A caring community providing a valuable foundation in learning for life

Everyone is encouraged to......
                            Be The Best You Can Be!

The aims of the school are fundamental and underpin our values.


·         To provide a caring and welcoming atmosphere with a sense of community for which everyone involved with the school feels responsible, involved and               valued.

·         This environment should allow children to feel happy, secure and confident and help them to develop their independence.

·         To create with the children rich, attractive, stimulating and accessible surroundings, thus encouraging responsibility and pride for their school.

·         To forge links with the local community - people, organisations and industry - which not only allow for the school to benefit from these valuable local                        resources and expertise, but also allow the school to become an integral part of the community.

·         To actively encourage parents to understand and develop a partnership with the school which recognises the value of good communication and support.

·         To provide an environment, which values education and ensures staff maintain their professional development in order to provide the highest standard of               education.

·         To provide a stimulating and broad curriculum and extra curricular activities, which allow children to acquire knowledge, learn skills, and develop attitudes           which provide a solid foundation for their future lives.

·         To provide the children with a wide range of activities, which enable them to be actively involved in their learning and which are rewarding and purposeful.

·         To develop children’s natural enthusiasm and curiosity so that they may begin to understand themselves, others and the world around them.

·         To help each child reach their potential and become confident, independent and competent learners.

·         To encourage children to develop self discipline and self esteem by recognising and celebrating their achievements and successes.

·         To assist children to develop positive attitudes towards others, irrespective of ability, gender, race or culture; and to show co -operation, tolerance, care and           respect to everyone.

·         To help children to take an active part in caring for the natural environment and to understand wider environmental issues.

·         To encourage a healthy and safe life style.

·         To encourage all those involved with the school - teaching and non -teaching staff, school governors and parents - to work closely together for the successful        achievement of these aims thus ensuring that all pupils of the school receive an education that is purposeful, enjoyable and rewarding.