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A positive effort is made to create a secure and orderly environment in which everyone feels safe and happy and where pupils can learn and adults can teach. This requires pupils to develop self discipline, show respect, courtesy, consideration and sensitivity towards others. All adults, including parents, of our school community are role models and demonstrate respect, courtesy, consideration and sensitivity towards all pupils.  We have 'Behaviour Targets' in school, which underpin these principles and are thoroughly taught to the pupils at regular intervals during the school year.


For pupils who follow our 'Behaviour Targets', we have a range of reward systems and 'Golden Time' is enjoyed at the end of the week.

Where sanctions are necessary, the school operates a red and yellow zone system and pupils may be removed from the classroom to work in another class and to reflect upon their behaviour.  Pupils are supported and encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and to learn from their mistakes.


Where a child’s behaviour becomes cause for concern the school will work closely with the parents and child on the development of a plan to improve behaviour. 


Bullying in any form is not tolerated by the school and we work hard through PSHE lessons and assemblies to inform pupils on how to develop working and friendly relationships with all their school friends. We promote open and respectful relationships between staff and pupils and hope that pupils will discuss any concerns or anxieties with an adult. The adult will follow school procedures in dealing with both the victim and perpetrator.


Our Behaviour and Anti-Bullying policies can be found our policies page.