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Curriculum Provision, Content and Approach

The school strives to provide the children with a rich and broad curriculum within which all pupils can learn and achieve their best. It is underpinned by fundamental British values with a particular emphasis on mutual respect and tolerance of difference. The curriculum delivers the National Curriculum in an exciting and purposeful way – cross-curricular links are exploited to make learning interesting and meaningful. The curriculum is enhanced through visits, visitors and special events throughout the year. The teaching of English and Mathematics is at the core and ensures pupils gain essential skills, understanding and knowledge, to allow them to become independent in their learning. We are seeking to develop a person who is both keen to learn throughout their lives and is prepared for the challenges of living in 'Modern Britain'.

At the start of each term parents/carers are invited to an information session for updates about the curriculum planned for that term and a curriculum information leaflet is sent out early each term. 

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