The new curriculum has been implemented with a greater focus on providing pupils with the opportunity to use and apply their mathematical skills, knowledge and understanding.   Pupils participate in daily mathematics lessons in which a range of teaching strategies are utilised to engage, inspire and challenge learners to be the best that they can be. Throughout the year, pupils extend their knowledge and understanding of a wide range of mathematical concepts - number, ratio and proportion, algebra, shape, position and direction, measure and statistics.

In their lessons, pupils are encouraged to use appropriate mathematical vocabulary to share their ideas and to explain and reason about various mathematical concepts. In addition to this, feedback to pupils is extremely important; celebrating their achievements, as well as providing them with the ‘next steps’ necessary to progress their learning.  As well as feedback from teachers, pupils are encouraged to use both self and peer assessment in their work; further securing an understanding of the steps to success within a unit. On-going assessment is instrumental in ensuring that the needs of all pupils are met within every lesson on a daily basis.

The structure of each lesson varies, but will often include a starter activity in which pupils are given a challenge based on number or previous learning. This is usually followed by the main part of the lesson in which the pupils may be introduced to new mathematical ideas or concepts, or an opportunity is provided to consolidate previous learning through further extension and challenge. The lesson usually concludes with a plenary, although mini-plenaries may have been used at various stages leading to this point, so that pupils can reflect on their learning; evaluate their success and consider their next steps.

Pupils are exposed to a range of opportunities to apply the skills they have developed to successfully problem solve, investigate and challenge. They are encouraged to recognise that Maths exists in the world around them and is something to be enjoyed and explored. We aim to foster a love and curiosity of the subject that extends beyond the classroom, as well as providing lifelong skills and understanding.

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