Science is an exciting part of the curriculum, involving plenty of discussion, investigations and experiments. Pupils learn aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics so that they can make sense of the world around them. Initially they are encouraged to develop a sense of curiosity for natural phenomena. Later they develop the ability to understand and explain scientific concepts, and make predictions. Pupils are encouraged to take an active part in their learning, asking their own questions and making their own observations.

As well as developing their knowledge of scientific processes, pupils are expected to work scientifically.  They collect, analyse and present their own data from a range of enquiries such as: making observations over a certain time period, grouping and classifying, and testing their ideas. They also carry out research using other sources of information. In Science lessons, pupils enjoy applying their English, mathematical and computing skills.

Learning is enriched through the use of our extensive school grounds, which contain a variety of wildlife; and through trips and visits. In the past, these have included Baylham Rare Breeds Farm, Hollow Trees Farm and Minsmere common. Such experiences enable pupils to relate their learning to practical experiences and maximise their enjoyment of Science.