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Enriching and Extending Learning

In addition to the  National Curriculum Programmes of Study, the school has a comprehensive programme of enrichment activities encompassed in '50 things to do before leaving Claydon Primary School - an exciting initiative launched in Autumn 2016.

We are committed to helping our pupils to be the best they can be by having a growth mindset - where they think that anything is possible if they apply themselves and have the willingness to accept and take on a challenge, overcoming obstacles that they may face. To encourage our pupils we have developed '50 things to do before you leave Claydon Primary School' to enable them to experience a range of things that may be outside their 'normal' classroom learning. The list was developed by pupils, parents and staff and these activities will help pupils to develop various character traits - resilience, confidence, ambition, respect, curiosity, team work and much more.  Developing these skills whilst having fun completing the activities will help them to thrive in their education at primary school and beyond, and as adults in our society.

See our list here.

Also, link here for more examples of how we enrich and extend learning.