Tuesday 26th February 2019

The School Games U11 basketball playoffs proved tough.  Despite playing really well as a team, we were unsuccessful in securing a place in county finals.  Dexter scored baskets in both games, but despite Grace's best attempts the ball refused to drop through the basket!  
Everyone displayed great teamwork and sportsmanship and were a credit to the school.

Tuesday 12th February 2019

We took 6 boys and 6 girls to the tournament – the girls played first and the boys second – playing seven minutes one way.

Our first game was against Copdock.  The girls started by passing the ball a lot during this game, but scored 2 baskets, however Copdock scored their third basket on the hooter!  The boys then went on to score 3 baskets and not concede any.

Our second game was against Bentley.  The girls looked much more confident and were dribbling as well as passing in this game.  They scored 5 baskets and conceded 2.  The boys also scored 5 baskets, but conceded only 1.

Our third game was against Ranelagh.  The girls dominated in their half and scored 6 baskets, conceding 1.  The boys finished as a draw, with 1 basket each.

Our last game was against Springfield.  Once again the girls were dominant and scored 7 baskets to their 1.  The boys’ game was very tight, however we won with just the one basket.

Our top scorer was Grace with an impressive 14 baskets!  Other baskets were scored by Oscar, Dexter, Poppy, Mia and Daniel.  However, without the rest of the team, they would not have had these opportunities.  We showed great team spirit defending and attacking as a team.

Freya won the fair play award.

The end result was Claydon won gold and will return for the play offs to determine which team goes through to the county final!

All the children displayed great teamwork, attitude and sportsmanship.  Well done everyone – you were amazing.  Thank you to the parents for transporting and supporting the team!