School Games Chantry Park Cricket Tournament 

Friday 23rd June 2017


On Friday 23 June the year 5 and 6 cricket club took part in the School Games cricket tournament at Chantry Park.  We played four games against: Tattingstone, Hillside, Shotley and Bildeston. At the end we finished last, but we had a lot of fun.  The team was: Bethany S (captain),       Tim, Josh, Luisa, Kieran, Harry, Ashton, William, Ethan and Evelyn.

By Bethany and Tim


It was a lovely day at Chantry Park.

Game 1 Tattingstone – We produced accurate bowling and batted well with only a few out. Only missing out on some runs by not calling. Lost by 5. 233 - 238

Game 2 Hillside (who were a strong team) – We were great fielding, holding many catches. Batted well, with a good start from Kieran and Josh, hitting 6 boundaries, supported greatly by Beth and Luisa, protecting their wicket and adding a boundary. William played some good shots. Ashton took a massive 6. 
It was a narrow defeat by 8. 240-248

Game 3 Shotley (who were very strong) – However, we stuck at it and fielded very well with shots coming at us hard. Use of communication skills would have improved our play! Batted admirably, playing some very good shots, including a very creative 'Dilshan Scoop' from Tim.

Mr. Wardrop