Year 5/6 Girls

July 2017

The year 5/6 girls’ football club finished training with some fun games.  Hannah won “Player of the Season” for her consistency in play throughout, with Jess having a special mention for the improvements she has made throughout the season as goalkeeper.  Well done to all the girls for a great attitude throughout!

IPSSA Girls Football League

Tuesday 20th June 2017 

The Oaks v Claydon

We came up against a very strong Oaks team on a very hot day!  We played the game in quarters to allow the girls to have drink breaks.  First quarter saw some good clearances from Courtney and Hannah, as well as good defending from Lois and Hannah working together with Jess.  They scored from a shot flying into the top corner and then again when the ball hit the post and rebounded into the goal.   Tilly had a shot on target in the last minute, resulting in a good save.  Second quarter saw them score in the second minute, but Kelis made an impact coming on in defence.  We continued defending well, only conceding the one early goal.  Third quarter we struggled defensively, and went through a difficult spell following a hand ball where the girls were confused with what decision had been made and then lost concentration.  The last quarter saw some great saves from Jess and good defending from Hannah, but they still managed to break through and score two in the last two minutes.  Final score The Oaks 10 Claydon 0.

Thursday 22nd June 2017 

Claydon v Hillside

Our last game of the season and only our second home game saw us start off defending well, with a quick counter attack when Courtney co-ordinated with Tilly.  Tilly had several attempts on goal, just going wide or high.  Lois had a good strike on goal saved and then Hillside counter attacked to put the ball wide.  A good goal kick from Jess to Lois and then onto Tilly, saw Tilly’s shot go wide.  Kelis linked up with Paula-Jean and then Tilly which saw them rewarded for their efforts with Tilly scoring in the twelfth minute.  However, Hillside kept momentum and produced a quick counter attack to level the score.  Annabelle and Lois played with great energy and always seemed to be where they were needed!

Second half saw an early block by Hannah and a few minutes later, unable to clear the ball, resulted in a great save by Jess.  A few minutes later, a trip by Jess resulted in Annabelle covering well to provide a good clearance.  A quick counter attack down the wing, resulted in Tilly having a shot, but pressure from Hillside meant she put it wide.  Annabelle teamed up well with Hannah to keep the defence strong and Courtney provided a good clearance late in the game.  Another quick counter attack saw Tilly and Paula-Jean passing the ball well, but once again pressure from Hillside meant the ball went wide!

Final score 1.1.

Well done to all the girls for a great season, your enthusiasm has been boundless and attitude faultless (apart from not eating the green jelly babies!).  Thanks to all the parents for transportation and support.

Thursday 15th June 2017 

Dale Hall v Claydon

Dale Hall made an early attack resulting in a shot rebounding off the post, which Jess quickly smothered.  A few minutes later Courtney made a good clearance in the box following a strong corner kick from Dale Hall.  Paula Jean and Tilly joined together to produce a good forward run, quickly followed by Lois making an attacking run down the wing.  Dale Hall continued to press and kept Jess busy as she pulled off some amazing saves; with Hannah and Luisa working hard together in defense.  We produced a good counter attack from a goal kick, only to see it cleared by Dale Hall.  Dale Hall managed to break the deadlock in the 19th minute of the first half.

Second half started with Hannah making a good clearance from a long ball forward from Dale Hall and Kelis following with a good clearance in the box.  Despite soaking up this pressure, they found space in the box to cross the ball across the mouth of the goal which allowed them to tap in their second goal.  We worked hard in midfield and created some long balls forward, unfortunately proving too long.  A Dale Hall free kick just outside the area was taken well resulting in their third goal.  In the dying minutes Jess played the ball to Lois who made a good run down the wing, but unfortunately we were then out of time.  Final score 3.0.  However, it was a great performance from the girls!

Dale Hall complimented the girls on their excellent attitude and commented on Jess’ ability in goal!

Thanks to all the parents for the transportation and their great support and encouragement.

Also, a big thank you to Boardley & Roberts for the kind sponsorship of the new kit for the girls.  They looked very smart and were very excited to proudly wear it!

Wednesday 7th June 2017 

Claydon v Whitehouse

Whitehouse were quick to attack, resulting in scoring in the first minute.  A few minutes later we played some good attacking football, starting from a goal kick.  In the tenth minute Whitehouse were awarded a free kick just outside the area; this was taken well and Jess pulled off a great save.  A few minutes later Tilly created a good counter attack.  When Ellie came on, she immediately displayed some great defensive play.  Unfortunately in the eighteenth minute Jess pulled off a great save, only to see it hit the post and rebound for Whitehouse to have an easy tap into goal.

Second half we looked tired and failed to hold our positions and use the available space.  Jess pulled off another good save early on and Kelis made some good defensive blocks to keep them out of our area.  With time ticking away, Whitehouse struck twice more to make it 4.0.  However, at the end of the game the girls were able to identify where improvements could be made.

Thanks to all the parents for their great support.

Monday 5th June 2017 Handford 

Hall v Claydon

First half saw a confident Handford Hall start the game brightly, resulting in Lois having to track back and defend, Jess pulling off a good save and Hannah shielding the ball to enable Jess to gather it up, all within 10 minutes.  Unfortunately, once they scored their first goal, they took advantage as we lost our shape.  They were very quick to attack which resulted in them scoring 5 in the first half.  However, just before half time Tilly hit the post.

Second half saw a different Claydon team as they found their confidence!  Jess pulled off some great saves and the defence worked hard together to support her, Hannah had to come off following an injury but Caitlin covered for her and put in some long balls to provide attacking play.  Courtney also put in a long ball which Paula Jean picked up and then passed to Tilly, the ball bobbled around in their area until they eventually scrabbled it to safety.  With just 3 minutes left to play, Tilly managed to break through clear on goal and kept her composure as she struck the ball into the back of the net!  A great second half performance girls!

Thanks to all the parents for the transportation and their great support.

Monday 22nd May 2017 

Ravenswood v Claydon

Ravenswood started with kick off and with immediate attacking play, had a shot on goal which Jess quickly smothered!  The game was evenly matched until Tilly found space in the box, striking the ball well to make it 1.0 after 8 minutes.  Jess pulled off another great save in the 13th minute, but overall we were holding our positions well, both defensively and in attacking play.

Second half saw Jess having to make a save in the 8th minute, but we were unable to clear the ball out of our half and went on to concede in the 10th minute.  Lois and Tilly alternated as striker to maintain a presence in their half, and Annabelle, Courtney and Ella started to use the wings more.  Hannah worked hard defensively and was supported by Luisa and Ellie.  With only minutes to go Courtney took a short corner to Lois who passed the ball into the box for Tilly to score her second!  Ravenswood immediately attacked from kick off, and once more Jess made a great save!  The girls then worked hard to keep possession to see time out and secure a win!  Final score 2.1 to Claydon!

Thanks to all the parents for the transportation and their great support.

Thursday 18th May 2017

Rushmere Hall v Claydon

The game started on an even keel, but a handball in our area saw Rushmere awarded a penalty.  However, Jasmine was able to make a save and we counter attacked and Lois went on to score a great goal to put us ahead.  Despite some great balls being played into their half, we played too deep and were unable to capitalise on these.  Second half Rushmere were the more positive team and equalised early on.  After 10 minutes Tilly saw a great effort saved by their keeper.  Rushmere then went on to score 3 goals in 4 minutes, as we momentarily lost our way.  In the dying minutes Tilly made two great strikes on goal – the first hitting the near post and the second the far post! 

Well done to Hannah for some great footwork throughout the game! 

However, the girls were very positive at the end of the game and were able to identify what went wrong and how to improve in the future.

Thanks to all the parents for the transportation and their great support.

Thursday 27th April 2017

Cliff Lane v Claydon

This was our first league game and the girls were really looking forward to it.  However, they lacked confidence to start with and despite creating chances through some good attacking play, they conceded 3 goals in the first half.  In the second half they were more confident and held their positions better.  Tilly scored half way through but we then relaxed and conceded another goal!  We were awarded a free kick just outside the area so Ella took a shot at goal with the keeper pulling off a good save.  Paula-Jean pounced on the rebound to take another shot only for the keeper to pull off another good save, but Tilly made certain with our the third attempt hammering it into the goal!  In the dying minutes Jess pulled off a fantastic save, only for Cliff Lane to have another attempt with the rebound, and then a third attempt before she smothered the ball.

The game ended 4-2, but the girls improved throughout the game and had a great attitude.

Thanks to all the parents for the transportation and their great support.

IPSSA Girls’ Football Tournament 

Tuesday 11th October 2016

Some girls from the year 5/6 girls’ football club attended the IPSSA Girls Football Tournament at Whitton Sports Centre on 11 October.  The girls rotated through defence and midfield positions and everyone improved as the afternoon progressed.  Jasmine pulled off an excellent save from a free kick and despite winding herself in the process continued in goal.  Our last game was the best display of football from the afternoon which Lois seeing an excellent shot on target saved and another shot just going wide.  Well done to all the girls for their excellent attitude throughout the tournament and great sportsmanship in being substituted.