Year 5/6 Girls

IPSSA Girls football league

Thursday 28th June 2018

Claydon v Gorseland

Gorseland started strongly with an early shot on goal.  Ella created some attacking play which was quickly closed down.  Five minutes into the game Jess made a great save, with the rebound being cleared by Caitlin.  Ella continued with her attacking play but was always closed down.  Jess made a point blank save which was soon followed by a clearance from Caitlin.  This created a counterattack resulting in a good effort from Ella.  Gorseland hit the post from a corner, but a quick counterattack saw a good effort from Freya as she took advantage of the space for a forward run.  Caitlin made a good block, but they finally broke through our defence in the eighteenth minute.  They continued to attack with some good defending from Freya, Caitlin and Sophie.  A long throw from Lois saw Sophie and Ella chasing the ball, but they once again counterattacked to score in the twentieth minute.

Second half saw Ella’s shot from a long throw go wide, and Gorseland reacted with their own shot, saved by Jess.  Courtney put a good ball into the box for Ella to chase followed by a great goal kick resulting in another shot from Ella.  Lois and Ella displayed some good linking play only to see the shot saved.  Freya was once again called upon to defend and Jess made a great save from a high shot, punching the ball out.  Gorseland’s throw resulted in another save from Jess, followed by Lois’ effort into the side netting.  They finally broke through again in the sixteenth minute.  Caitlin made a good clearance shortly followed by another save from Jess.  Ellie created some attacking play, but their counterattack resulted in another goal.  Claydon’s tired legs from sports day were unable to prevent them scoring again in the dying seconds.

This was our last game and the girls displayed some great football today, building on their experience throughout the last couple of months.  We are very proud of them.

We finished 5th out of 10 in the medium schools’ league.

Final score Claydon 0.5 Gorseland

Thanks to all the parents for their great support, the older sisters for putting away the goals and the younger sisters for collecting the pitch makers! 

IPSSA Girls football league

Monday 25th June 2018

Claydon v Rushmere Hall

Start of play saw Rushere Hall win a corner which resulted in an effort over the bar. Our first attacking play resulted in a goal from Sophie in the fifth minute.  Rushmere displayed some good defending from our throw into the area, only to counter attack with Freya then defending well.  They continued to attack resulting in an equalising goal.  Ella then created a good effort on goal from kick off, but they once again counter attacked to take the lead.  Ella saw her effort go wide in the eleventh minute and then produced a solo forward run.  The half finished with some great defending from Freya.

Second half saw Sophie defending well followed by Ellie’s effort on goal from a corner.  Once again the hard ground saw the ball bouncing in our area which Lois managed to clear, followed by a good save from Jess.  Ella saw an attempt go into the side netting, followed by lots of attacking play, counteracted by great defending from Lois, Freya and Caitlin.  However, Ella managed to equalise and neither team managed to break through their opponents defence in the last ten minutes.

Final score Rushmere Hall 2.2 Claydon.

Thanks to all the parents for their great support

IPSSA Girls football league

Thursday 21st June 2018

Claydon v Clifford Road

We started with some good attacking play, which saw a pass from Ella to Lois, with her shot just going wide.  Shortly afterwards, Ella saw her shot go wide too.  Clifford Road then saw two shots saved by Jess.  Ella and Lois continued to link up well, with another great effort from Lois.  Caitlin closed down some of their attacking play and just before half time Jess made another good save, and Ella had another effort on goal from the goal kick.

Second half saw some very even play with a great forward run from Ella.  Clifford Road finally broke the deadlock in the seventh minute to score the only goal.  Lois delivered one of her long throws through to Courtney, which just went too long.  Claydon again performed some great saves and defending followed by some counter attacking.   In the final few minutes Jess saved a rebound from the post as well as a rebound from their corner.  Despite some good attacking play, we were unable to equalise.

Final score Claydon 0.1 Clifford Road

Thanks to all the parents for their great support

IPSSA Girls football league

Monday 18th June 2018
Dale Hall v Claydon

We started strongly with a good forward run from Ella.  Unfortunately, with lots of players in our box and the ball bouncing on the hard ground Jess was unable to gather it up and Dale Hall went a goal ahead.  Shortly after this Caitlin made a good block.  A hand ball in our area saw them take a penalty, with a great save from Jess.  We produced a quick counter attack but were soon closed down.  They continued to attack with a shot off the post and then Caitlin made a good clearance.

Second half saw Dale Hall attack early and our defence had to deal with 4 attackers, enabling them to make it 2.  Both teams continued to attack, making the defence work hard.  In the dying minutes Ella made a cross into the box, and with the goalkeeper off her line, watched it bounce into the back of the net.  Ellie produced some good attacking play in the last minute, but we were unable to equalise.

Final score Dale Hall 2.1 Claydon.  

Thanks to all the parents for their great support.

IPSSA Girls football league

Thursday 14th June 2018

Ravenswood v Claydon

This was an even game, despite Jess having to make an early save from a rebound.  Our attacking play saw Ellie take a shot from outside the box, then Jess made a point blank save following a counter attack.  Ellie had another good effort on goal, but it was Lois who made the breakthrough with her goal on 10 minutes.  We continued to attack for the last 10 minutes and saw Freya take a throw which led to some good passing down the wing and into the box.

Second half saw Caitlin defending well, with another early save from Jess.  Lois received a strong goal kick from Jess, which she then passed to Courtney, but the effort went wide.  A few minutes later Courtney had another effort on goal.  10 minutes into the second half saw Ravenswood finally break through our defence to equalise.   The girls continued to press with a great run from Lois who then crossed the ball into the box for Courtney, to have one last effort on goal. 

Final score Ravenswood 1.1 Claydon.  

Thanks to all the parents for their great support.

IPSSA Girls football league

Monday 11th June 2018
Halifax v Claydon

Halifax started strongly, resulting in Freya making a great block in front of goal, followed shortly afterwards by Jess making a scrambled save as the ball bounced in the area.  Lois made a quick counter attack which resulted in Mia hitting the side netting.  We were soon defending again, with Jess making a save, followed by a block from Caitlin and then another save from Jess.  Just before half time Halifax had a corner and as we packed the box to defend, the ball took a deflection off our defence into the back of the net.

Second half saw Halifax once again attacking early resulting in a second goal.   Courtney produced a good throw out wide to Lois enabling us to attack.  Despite some good attacking play and great efforts from Mia, Ellie and Lois we were unable to break through their defence.  One effort from Lois came from the strong goal kick.  Freya and Caitlin defended well, but Halifax scored their third just before full time.

Final score Halifax 3.0 Claydon.  However, some strong play, well done girls.

Thanks to all the parents for their great support.

IPSSA Girls football league

Thursday 7th June 2018

Claydon v St Helens

The start of the game was very evenly matched with both teams producing some great attacking play.  Freya was excellent in defence, consistently closing them down, with Caitlin making a great block in front of goal.  After 13 minutes our pressure in their box paid off with an own goal as they tried to clear the ball.  Courtney made a great forward run from outside our box resulting in a great shot on goal.  This was soon followed by Ellie’s throw to Lois also taking a shot on goal.

Second half saw us start to dominate with shots from Ella, Ellie and Lois.  Their keeper was excellent coming out of goal and making herself big to block all of our attempts!  The girls read the game well utilising the space available to them and producing some very good passing.  The midfield worked hard to defend when required and Freya pushed forward well - retreating back to defence to maintain our shape. 

All in all some excellent play, well done girls.

Final score Claydon 1.0 St Helens

 Thanks to all the parents for their great support and help with putting away the goals.

IPSSA Girls football league

Monday 4th June 2018

Claydon v Cedarwood

This was our first home game of the season.

We were put under pressure early on, with Caitlin making a good clearance.  We quickly counter attacked with Lois breaking through their defence.  Shortly afterwards Ella saw her shot go wide but was rewarded a minute later, when her corner kick curled into the back of the net.  We then relaxed which allowed them to attack resulting in their equaliser.  They then grew in confidence and scored again from a corner just before half time.

Second half saw an early save from Jess, but shortly afterwards they scored as we struggled to keep our shape and defend.  Despite more attacking play, particularly from Ella and Lois, we were unable to score again.  The defence and Jess continued to be kept busy, but soaked up the pressure.

Final score Claydon 1.3 Cedarwood

Thanks to all the parents for their great support.

IPSSA Girls football league

Tuesday 8th May 2018 Whitehouse v Claydon

This was our first league game of the season.

We started brightly with Lois having an early shot on goal and shortly afterwards Ella saw her shot go wide.  However, we kept up the pressure and were rewarded when Lois scored in the third minute.  Whitehouse goalkeeper made a great save which rebounded and we saw our shot go over the bar.  We responded well to their attacking play, staying strong in defence with Caitlin, Freya and Sophie displaying some strong tackling.  Lois scored again in the 15th minute just before half time.

Second half saw Whitehouse display some strong attacking play, resulting in a goal.  However, we were quick to respond with Lois completing her hat trick a couple of minutes later.  Courtney, Nicole and Ellie continue to move the ball around in midfield with some good forward passing resulting in a goal from Ella in the 12th minute.  Jess pulled off a great save with only 5 minutes remaining.

Thanks to all the parents for their great support.

IPSSA U11 Girls Football Tournament

Thursday 19th October 2017

We took a squad of 9 girls to the tournament at Whitton Sports Centre.

We played 5 games, 8 minutes one way, throughout the afternoon.  We won our first game, then continued with 2 draws and 2 losses.  This saw us finish mid table.

Our best game was the fourth game when we passed and created space well.  However, Jess was amazing in goal, continuing on from last year.  Freya was our only year 5 and was solid in defence and gained confidence throughout the tournament, making some forward runs into space, then retreating back to defence.  Some of the girls played in different positions which we will continue to explore in training.  The tournament enabled us to think about our focus for training and the girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Thank you to the parents for the lifts and their great support!