Year 6 Football

Friday 24th February 2017

It has been a busy week of football at CPS. 
The football team visited The Oaks for a league fixture where they won 6 - 0. Mr Doody was very impressed with the performance, especially the way they were passing and moving. On Thursday some of the football squad went to Ipswich Town Football Club to take part in the the EFL Kids' Cup Competition. Mr Wardrop was extremely proud of them and their efforts as they made it to the quarter-finals - despite Storm Doris! Well done boys.

Thursday 3 March 2016

Claydon 2 – 0 Rushmere Hall

The first half was end to end and exciting to watch.  Both teams created chances which resulted in both keepers making great saves.   However, in the second half we started to take control which resulted in a great goal from Charlie on his left foot.  Our defence was still kept busy in the second half, but we were able to capitalise on our attacking play with Josh taking the score to 2-0.

Overall we finished third in the medium schools league, which is the highest we have ever finished.  Well done to the boys for all their effort and commitment, and the parents for their support!!

Friday 26 February 2016

Claydon 3 – 0 Britannia B

Once again Josh opened the scoring in the first 3 minutes!   We defended well when they counter attacked and Callum P saw his effort hit the post.  We created several chances notably Jake’s pass to Josh whose shot went wide.  Harrison found himself in a great position in their box, but was quickly closed down before he could turn and take a shot.  In the second half Jake drove forward with the ball and kept possession resulting in a good shot on goal finding the back of the net.  Josh continued to cause problems in the final third and was rewarded with another goal in the 12th minute.  With 5 minutes to go Josh hit the bar which rebounded to Charlie who saw his effort then hit the post!

Monday 22 February 2016

Claydon 0 – 1 The Oaks

This was a very exciting game, with both teams creating chances and counter attacking.  Both teams also defended well.  Charlie used the space on the wing crossing the ball into the box, but we were unable to convert any these chances.  Harrison worked well, attacking and then tracking back.  We had a lot of shots on target, but their keeper confidently collected the ball and distributed well.  We also put several chances wide.  With 5 minutes left to play, a lack of communication in our defence saw The Oaks break through on goal, to confidently score.  Although we kept attacking, we were unable to achieve a draw.

Thursday 11 February 2016

Claydon 2 – 2 Clifford Road

Clifford Road started the game very confident and dominated in the first half.  We created some chances, but they were the team who were able to convert their chances and at the end of the first half, they were 2.0 up.  However, it was a game of two halves and we started the second half with the passion we had seen in previous games.  Both teams were creating changes and at times it was end to end.  Josh finally managed to break through and score in the 12th minute.  Two minutes saw Jake also score to bring us back level.  Although we kept attacking for the last 5 minutes we were unable to break through again and our defence held strong.

Monday 8 February 2016

Claydon 11 – 1 Halifax

We kicked off our second home game and within a minute Josh had made a forward run and made a good strike to score our first goal!  We managed to keep the ball in the opposition’s half for most of the first half, which resulted in Charlie scoring a great goal from outside the box, Finley heading in a corner and Josh getting on the score sheet  again.  Callum P dominated the midfield, winning most of the goal kicks, to enable us to start attacking.  He was then rewarded with a goal of his own!

Second half and Halifax looked more confident.  However Jake had other ideas and made a great run down the left hand side to score.  Maximising use of the space that he was left to play in, he continued to attack scoring 2 more goals.  Later in the game, when Jake ran into the box, he was brought down, but got back to his feet to score from the rebound that the keeper saved from his initial shot!  With strong attacking play, we were awarded with a penalty, which Callum P calmly stepped up to score.  Halifax continued to make some forward runs and was rewarded with a goal, having finally broken down our defence.  However, Charlie decided he was going to score one more goal before the game ended!

Monday 1 February 2016
Ravenwood 0 - 4 Claydon

On a bright but breezy afternoon we travelled to Ravenswood.  They started their attack early and Aaron had to make an early save.  We were slower to start and it was several minutes before we starting attacking as well.  Jake had a shot blocked, only to hit the rebound into the top right-hand corner.  It remained 1.0 at half time, despite both teams attacking.  We created chances but were not positive enough to take a shot.  The start of the second half saw us playing with more passion and Josh took the opportunity to score an early goal to take us to 2.0.   Both teams continued to attack, but when Josh found himself in space outside the box, he took the opportunity and struck the ball well to make it 3.0.  Later in the second half, Callum P took a corner which curled into goal, just out of the reach of the keeper.  A much better second half saw us putting in some good through balls and keeping possession.

Thursday 14 January 2016
Cliff Lane 3 - 3 Claydon

On a freezing afternoon in January we travelled to Cliff Lane.  We started brightly and Jacob scored early on, with confidence high we kept attacking and Callum P scored a second goal for Claydon.  However, they were very quick to counter attack and we did not hold our positions.  Despite a sterling display by Callum S in defense, we still conceded 2 goals.  As weather conditions deteriorated, both teams continued to play well and the game continued to be end to end.  However, with about 3 minutes left, Cliff Lane once again broke clear of our defense and scored their third goal.  The boys were not happy to accept this, and immediately retaliated by putting the pressure on, seeing Ben in space and putting in a good through ball enabling him to score and take the final score to 3.3.

Thursday 3 December 2015
Claydon2 - 2 Sprites

Our next IPSSA league game was home to Sprites.  Callum P hit the woodwork very early in the game and we continued to attack.  Just before half time, they were awarded a corner, we were not tight with our marking enabling them to head the ball home.  Second half we continued to attack, but so did the opposition and they capitalised by being the team to score.  However, we did not put our heads down and continued to put pressure on them.  With 5 minutes to go we were rewarded with a goal from Josh!  We continued to show determination and were rewarded again with a second goal from Josh 2 minutes before the final whistle.  We worked hard to secure a draw.

IPSSA Medium Schools League

Thursday 12 November 2015  
Dale Hall 2 - 4 Claydon

The following week we had an IPSSA league game, away to Dale Hall.  We started this game a lot brighter and were creative in our play.  However, just before half time we conceded a goal.  Despite this, we continued to play well, and were rewarded with an equaliser a few minutes later.  The game proved to be fairly evenly matched and when we scored again, it wasn’t long before they equalised.  With 10 minutes to go, Josh completed a hat trick and we worked hard to maintain our lead, with Callum P striking the ball well to score and make the final score 4.2.  We played well defending and attacking as a team, which from a coaching point of view, was very rewarding to watch.

IPSSA Owain Richards Cup

Thursday 5 November 2015 
Sprites 4 - 0 Claydon

Our first game this academic year was in the Owain Richard’s cup on 5 November.  We were drawn away to Sprites.  The opposition started very well and scored an early goal, which put us on the back foot and we were unable to recover our positions and keep possession, conceding again before half time.  However, we started the second half looking more like a team. The rain started to become more persistent and we were unable to break down their defense and match their determination to attack.  We conceded twice more in the second half.