School Games U9 Handball Festival

Tuesday 1st May 2018 at Inspire Suffolk

Seven children took part in the School Games U9 Handball Festival.  This was the first time we had entered handball.  Teams consisted of 5 players and were 7 minutes one way.  We played four games and everyone rotated as a substitute and Jack, Mitchell, Connor, Riley and Shannon all took turns as goalkeeper.  Although Kyla and Eli did not participate as goalkeeper, they made an excellent contribution as outfield players.  As the games progressed during the afternoon the pace picked up, finishing with some very fast games being played at the end. 

Every player displayed some excellent skills without infringing the rules, including dribbling, passing and the 3-step rule.  There was excellent defending, good counter attacking and some good saves.

We won all of our games and scored an amazing 14 goals, only conceding 2!

Once final results were received we were one of three schools to be undefeated, then taking goal difference into account we finished 3rd overall! 

Every player was a credit to themselves and the school, displaying an excellent attitude, team spirit and respect for everyone.

Jack won the fair play award for the school.

 Thank you to the parents for transporting them to the event and their support throughout the afternoon.