School Games – U9 Quadkids

Friday 30 June 2017

For the first time School Games ran an U9 Quadkids at Inspire Suffolk.  Claydon represented Latvia again, following on from the U11 Quadkids. The 5 girls and 5 boys selected were really excited to be competing against children from other schools. The children and parents cheered, shouted and clapped their support of each other through the four events of long distance (400m), sprint (50m), vortex howler and long jump. 

Every single one of them gave their best and we finished a very credible 12th out of 31 schools.

Well done to Taylor, Daniel, Stanley, Sam, Louis, Robyn, Aimee, Evelyn, Neve and Freya. All of us at Claydon Primary school are very proud of you.

School Games U11 Quadkids

Wednesday 14th June 2017

We took part in Quadkids at Northgate Athletics’ stadium.  We really enjoyed the events – they were: long distance (600m), sprint (75m), vortex howler and long jump.  The people involved were Annabelle, Aimee, Luisa, Bethany S, Faith, Harvey, Jack, Oliver, Frank and Remi.  We tried our best, achieved many goals and had fun; it was a great experience.  Even though we didn’t win, we are happy with where we finished.

Reported By Beth S, Luisa, Annabelle, and Aimee