Ipswich and South Suffolk School Games

Ipswich Schools Swimming Gala

Wednesday 2nd May 2017

Seven pupils from year 5 and 1 pupil from year 6 attended the swimming gala held at Ipswich School, Woolverstone.  They swam:

25m boys backstroke

25m girls backstroke

25m boys breaststroke

25m girls breaststroke

25m boys freestyle

25m girls freestyle

25m medley relay boys – backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle, freestyle

25m medley relay girls – backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle, freestyle

25m freestyle relay boys

25m freestyle relay girls


There were three heats for every race and we were in the third heat.  There were some very close finishes and our highest position was 2nd in the boys freestyle, achieving 3rd and 4th in every other race.  Overall we finished in third place receiving the bronze certificates.  Everyone performed extremely well, which was evident in our final position.

Well done Claydon!

Thank you to the parents for transporting and supporting them.