P.E. and Sport Premium

In March 2013, the Government announced that all Primary Schools would be receiving a Sport Premium allocation to be used to provide, develop and deliver sustainable high quality teaching in school P.E. and sport. We are delighted to be in receipt of this funding as it supports our aim to create a culture that encourages ALL children to be active and enjoy sport and to help foster the aspirations of future Olympians and Paralympians. 

The amount for the academic year 2017-18 is £19,350.

 Academic Year
 Amount of Funding

Planned Spending for 2017-18
  • to support staff to further develop their skills of teaching P.E. including funding for attendance at courses, team teaching and staff meetings
  • to further develop assessment of pupils in curriculum P.E. and the use of this to improve future learning
  • to support the subject leader for P.E. to lead this key subject effectively, including funding for release time for monitoring and staff development, and attending training
  • to enhance the extra-curricular provision for P.E., including funding of sports coaches and training for staff to lead clubs
  • to raise participation in extra-curricular provision and active play, including funding of a MDSA play leader
  • to enhance the participation in competition by the school, including funding for staff to take teams to competitions
  • to provide resources to support P.E., including funding of the replenishment of resources, maintenance checks etc
By investing in staff training and resources, sustainability in improvements in sport participation and attainment will be secured.

Read our current PE Action Plan here.

Impact of Sport Premium Funding
  • teachers and teaching assistants have improved their skills of teaching P.E.
  • the P.E. subject leaders have increased their knowledge, understanding and skills of subject leadership and make a positive impact.
  • extra-curricular provision has been enhanced - early morning basketball club, tag-rugby, a lunchtime running club and a Reception after-school 'Learn, play, grow' examples of new clubs. As a result, participation in extra-curricular P.E. has increased.
  • active play training has been provided for MDSAs, circus equipment purchased and a wider range of opportunities are offered at lunchtime
  • school has participated actively in competition, with particular success for in cricket reaching county finals, and in gymnastics, reaching for regional finals for the first time
  • resources for P.E. have been significantly enhanced - including the marking of a netball court on the playground to support the school team to train
  • pupils are developing their leadership skills, as Sports Reps on the School Council and acting as officials in competition
  • all pupils in Key Stage 2 have had opportunity to participate in intra-school competition
  • groups of pupils in Key Stage 2 have developed their understanding and empathy towards those with learning disabilities through shared swimming sessions and competition.
  • school has achieved the School Games Bronze award for 2014-15, aimed and successfully achieved Silver for 2015-16 and aimed and successfully achieved Gold for 2016-17.
  • in 2016-17, 86.27% of Year 6 left being able to swim 25m and 60% left having achieved their PSA (personal safety award - gold certificate) which reflects the national curriculum requirements to be able to perform self-rescue in different water based situations.
Read our Sports Premium Review document for 2016-17 here.
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