P.E Curriculum
Children in our Nursery and Reception classes have a mix of Physical Development through timetabled lessons and provision within their learning environment. All pupils in KS1 and KS2 have two hours of P.E. timetabled each week to cover the  main areas of the National Curriculum: gymnastics, dance, games, swimming, athletics and outdoor and adventurous activities. Swimming is offered to all pupils in each year whilst they are in KS2, with lessons being provided at Mid-Suffolk Leisure Centre by qualified swimming instructors.

During their PE sessions the children are encouraged to set challenges for themselves and to improve their own performance. Fun, enjoyment, confidence, self-esteem and team work skills are at the forefront of PE lessons. A healthy and active lifestyle is promoted. Young children are supported to develop the fundamental skills such as aiming and throwing, balance, co-ordination, control and movement. In KS2 pupils are able to further develop these fundamental skills and to apply them in a range of situations, including invasion, net and striking and fielding games.

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