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Pupil Premium 2016-17


Teaching Support
The progress of each pupil in receipt of pupil premium funding is monitored carefully and intervention is planned in order to meet their individual needs, regardless of their achievement levels.

During the Summer term 2016, additional teaching time was deployed to focus on targeted pupils in Year 6 for Maths and writing, in preparation for end of Key Stage 2 statutory assessment. Once completed, additional teaching time was focused on pupils in Year 5 to support their development in grammar, punctuation and spelling. For Year 5, this teaching was delivered by an experienced member of our Year 6 team, thereby supporting transition into Year 6. From September 2016, additional teaching was again focused on pupils who trigger funding in Key Stage 1 and in Key Stage 2 and delivered by experienced Claydon staff who already know the children and their learning needs.

Learning Support: One to One and Small Group Tuition
As in previous years, Mrs Jenny Hough, a Learning Support Assistant, continues to deliver one to one tuition and small group intervention during the school day. During the Autumn and Spring terms, her focus was on pupils in receipt of funding in Years 3, 4 5 and 6. She works closely with class teachers.  
Mrs Suzanne Frost and Miss Tracey Peacock are trained to support the delivery of Speech and Language therapy which is offered to pupils who have individual need in this area. In addition, a team of experienced Teaching Assistants, are working one-to-one with all pupil premium pupils providing additional opportunities and support with their reading.

Emotional Support

Also, as in previous years, Mrs Sonia Place, a specialist Teaching Assistant, worked with pupils who had anxiety related issues, behavioural issues or who required some additional nurturing until leaving in February 2017. She linked with our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and ran small group and individual activities. She also attended TAC meetings and provided support linked to targets set at these. In the Autumn term, she  focused on delivering a nurture programme 'Forest Friends' which included pupils in Key Stage One who are either 'looked after' or in a 'special guardianship'. In the Spring term, she set up the programme 'Friends For Life' for pupils in Year 4. 

March 2017 saw the appointment of our new Pastoral Support Leader, Mrs Cindy Newey. Mrs Newey will support many pupil premium pupils during the day through a range of activities to support their emotional well-being and attendance at school. She will also take over much of the work of Mrs Sonia Place, who left us in February.

Several pupils who trigger pupil premium funding, experience difficulties in managing their emotional needs so are supported by Teaching Assistants, often on a one-to-one basis, to access their learning in class.

An exciting development in the area of emotional support, is the training of our two ELSAs, Emotional Literacy Support Assistants - Mrs Tracey McKenna and Mrs Michelle Smith. They are already delivering support to individuals and pairs.

Wider Opportunities

Pupils in receipt of pupil premium funding are supported to access wider curriculum opportunities which include music tuition, participation in residential visits and participation in special curriculum events. They are also provided with a school uniform pack.

Evaluation of Impact
See 2015-16 for impact for school year 2015-16, partly funded in 2016-17 financial year.