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How are children supported when they join or leave the school and move between classes?

We are very aware of how difficult transitions can be for some children so we endeavour to carefully support children through this process. We are a welcoming, caring and nurturing school. New children will be shown around so that they can get their bearings. They will be paired up with a buddy, who will look after them and adults will also ‘check in’ with any new pupil to check that they are okay.

At the end of a school year lots of transition work is completed. This will involve visits to meet the new teacher and see the new classroom and a full transition day. This enables the children to become more familiar with the new adults and surroundings.

Some children will be given a transition booklet to take home. This will include information and photographs so that they can go over and familiarise themselves further with the forthcoming changes.

We also have very good links with our Claydon High School. There are transition opportunities throughout the year and as the high school is situated next door, it is very easy for these opportunities to take place. For some pupils, who require additional transition support, extra visits take place so that the children are able to familiarise themselves further with the new school environment and staff. The SENCo’s of the two schools meet regularly throughout the year, this also helps ensure that this transition goes smoothly for our children.