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What interventions are used to support pupils?

We use a range of appropriate interventions to suit the need of individual pupils. These include:

Speech and Language

·         Wellcomm – Assessment and intervention programme – Nursery and Reception


·         Switch-on – A reading and writing intervention

·         IDL Cloud – A spelling and reading, online intervention

·         Bear Necessities – Early years phonics intervention

·         1:1 Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) support


·         Max’s Marvellous Maths

·         Plus 1

·         Power of 2

·         Dyno maths – online intervention

Social, Emotional and Mental Health

·         THRIVE training in place for Family Support Worker

·         Emotional Literacy Support (ELSA) – We have 2 TAs who are trained to deliver a wide range of emotional literacy interventions

·         Friends programme

·         Circle time

·         Fun Friends

·         Drawing and Talking

·         Theraplay activities

·         Lunchtime club (for invited children)

·         Breakfast club (for invited children)

We also run gym trail twice a week to support some children with their fine and gross motor skills.

These are reviewed regularly to ensure that they are meeting the needs of our pupils and that progress is being made by them.