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Admission Arrangements

As an academy, the trust board determines the admissions arrangements for the school however currently, it adopts the policies of Suffolk LA for admissions. For starting school in Reception, applications are made to Suffolk CC to admissions. For applications at any other point, an application needs to be made directly to the school. 

Our admission number is 60 pupils in each year group from Reception upwards, with the expectation that this will be increased to 75 for Reception from September 2019.

Admission to Nursery - please note that currently exploration into expanding our nursery provision to full days is under consideration
Our Nursery is open in the mornings and has 26 places. Admissions to the Nursery are managed by the Governing Body. 
Application forms for the school Nursery are available from the school office. 
Children are admitted to the Nursery for mornings for the school year before they are eligible to start in Reception. The closing date for applications is 1st May, preceding the September admission date. Our Admissions Policy to Nursery is agreed by the Governing Body and the Steering Committee ensures that the policy is applied fairly to the applications received. As soon as a place is allocated, information booklets and an invitation to an evening meeting to introduce parents to the Nursery, the staff and the curriculum are sent out. Children are given the opportunity to visit Nursery with their parents and with Claydon Pre School. Home visits by the nursery staff are organised prior to admission subject to parental agreement.

Nursery Admission Policy

Nursery Admission Form

To Reception
Admission information and forms for the academic year in which a child will join Reception are available to parents during the late Autumn Term and are required to be returned during February, direct to Suffolk County Council. Children are able to start Reception at the beginning of the year in which they have their fifth birthday. Parents can elect to defer entry until January or April and also to take up the place on a full time or part time basis. For those wishing to take up a part-time place this is for mornings. We invite parents to a meeting with Reception teachers and members of our school community prior to admission. Children also have an opportunity to visit school and meet their teacher and to experience a school lunch before they start Reception .

To Other Year Groups
For admission to the school in other year groups parents need to request CAF1 Admission form from the school office. Once completed this form should be returned to the school.

In-year Admission Form and Information (form on page 53)


The school works closely with Claydon Pre-School and other early years providers to ensure a smooth transition into Nursery and Reception.


The school is a member of the Claydon Pyramid of schools – a group of six primary schools, which feed into Claydon High School. The schools work together closely to share professional expertise as well as ensuring smooth transfer from Year 6 to Year 7. In addition, we have an annual partnership plan with the High School which outlines our work together in order to improve education for pupils at both schools. Year 6 pupils are invited to a Induction day during their final year in primary school but we participate in many activities at the High School before this and High School students are frequent visitors to our school. There are also Holiday Activities to which Year 5 and Year 6 are invited.