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Class Organisation 2016-17

Teaching Staff

 Headteacher Miss M Ashcroft
 Deputy Headteacher Mr L Collins
 Assistant Headteacher Mrs L Etchingham
 Lower School Phase Leader Mrs M Rayner
 SENCO Mrs L Orchard
 Nursery Mrs G Chapman
 Reception Miss A Croft
 Reception Miss A Herod
 Year 1 Miss L Hart and Miss G Goodall
 Year 1 Mrs H Cardy and Ms L Marshall
 Year 2 Mrs L Ratcliffe
 Year 2 Mrs M Rayner
 Year 3 Mrs J Owen
 Year 3 Mrs Z Garrard and Mrs M Doran
 Year 4 Mrs L Spall
 Year 4 Mr C Doody
 Year 5 Miss F Shaw
 Year 5 Mr Wardrop
 Year 6 Mrs L Etchingham and Mrs J Taplin
 Year 6 Mrs V Hyett and Mrs K Standring


Safeguarding Designated Professional     Miss M Ashcroft (PREVENT duty)

Alternative Safeguarding Professional      Mrs L Orchard (online-safety) and Mr L Collins


Higher Level Teaching Assistant               Mrs M Langston and Mrs H Kitchen