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Our Learning Powers

What are our ‘Learning Powers?’

In school we have our Learning Powers to help us to be the best that we can be in our learning.  They help us to be more resilient, responsible and confident, as well as encouraging us to be more independent.  Every classroom has our learning powers poster (designed by the school council) displayed and children have their names put on the power any adults have identified them as using.  This is then used to award our Star of the day certificates.


So what are our learning powers, and why?

Be creative: 

Across the curriculum we need to be creative in our learning and we are encouraged to think outside the box so we are not always going with the first idea that we have (which may be the obvious one that everyone thinks of).  Being creative allows us to invent things, solve problems, use our imaginations, experiment and express ourselves.

100% effort:
Even when we find things a little bit tricky we still work our very hardest to be the best we can be.  By putting in 100% effort it means we are more focused on our learning and making progress.  It also sets a good example to others.

Take risks:
If we want to improve our knowledge, skills and understanding in the different subjects we study we need to take risks.  If we do not step out of our comfort zone to challenge ourselves and try new things we will not improve and learn anything new.  It’s better to have a go rather than not try at all.

Take responsibility:

We are responsible for our own learning and behaviour in school, through the choices we make as individuals.  We need to be organised and prepared to learn as soon as the school day starts.  By doing this, taking responsibility, it allows us to focus on our own learning and give ourselves the best possible chance to be the best we can be.

Make links:
In class we make links by building on each other’s ideas as well as looking for links to help us to solve problems.  We are also given the opportunity to make links by using what we have learnt in one subject to help us in other subjects, this really helps us to consolidate our knowledge and understanding and reinforce our skills by using them in different contexts.

Be curious:
The ability to ask and explore questions is really important.  By being curious we get to investigate and discover new and exciting things in our learning.  We learn more through being inquisitive and finding things out for ourselves.

Learn from mistakes:

There is nothing wrong with making a mistake, it shows that we have challenged ourselves and by learning from our mistakes it means we have made progress and improved.  We then strive to not make the same mistake and get it right next time.

Stay resilient:
In school we are always faced with challenges in our learning so it is vital that we don’t give up, we are always encouraged to be resilient.  We keep trying with help from our peers and the adults in class, if necessary, and overcome the obstacles and difficulties we face.  Staying resilient is a key factor to our learning. 

Work together:
By working together we can learn from each other as we all have different strengths.  Within the classroom we are encouraged to support each other in our learning, make positive contributions, co-operate and communicate in an appropriate manner, as well as care for each other.  This helps to create a classroom ethos where we feel supported in our learning.


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