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The following opportunities are examples of how we support the spiritual development of pupils.  

  • The RE curriculum encourages pupils to explore spiritual thinking through their own and others’ beliefs and values.
  • The Science curriculum encourages pupils to develop an awe and wonder for the natural world.
  • The Art curriculum affords pupils the opportunity to reflect on feelings and motivations and to respond visually to these.
  • Educational visits, including residential visits, encourage pupils to develop awe and wonder for the natural world.
  • Opportunities for pupils to understand human emotions and feelings and the way they impact on people through English, drama, music and dance.

The use of teaching styles that:

  • Value pupil questions and give them time for their own thoughts, ideas and concerns.
  • Encourage pupils to relate their learning to a wider frame of reference; for example, asking why, how, and where.
  • Enable pupils to make links between aspects of their learning.