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Safeguarding Protocol - Live Online Sessions

In these unprecedented times, at Claydon Primary School, we recognise the importance of pupils’ being able to interact with their class teachers and peers.

We are now incorporating live interactive sessions into the weekly timetable for remote learning. These will not be live lessons, whereby lessons will be delivered, but a platform to engage and
support all pupils.

The main three aims of the sessions are:

  • to support mental health and wellbeing through the opportunity for peer interaction

  • to attend and participate in shared, interactive activities to maintain a sense of community and belonging

  • to promote learning through engaging, motivating and inspiring the children, as well as an opportunity for whole class feedback to inform future learning

In these sessions, where staff are interacting with children online, they will continue to follow our
existing safeguarding policy. Staff will continue to be alert to signs that a child may be at risk of harm online, and act on any concerns immediately, following our reporting procedures.

To support parents and carers in making sure all children are behaving appropriately and safely
online, please read the protocols carefully with your child to ensure that you, and they, understand the expectations we have in these live sessions. It is essential that children follow the safeguarding protocols that we have outlined to ensure they are working safely at home. These instructions will also be posted on each Class Dojo.


School Procedures


  1. The session will be held via Zoom

  2. The session will be scheduled by the member of staff

  3. There will always be two members of staff present within a session

  4. The school will arrange the date and times of the session and these will be shared by the member of staff leading the session. Additional members of staff may be added to the session/s

  5. Class teachers will select the “Meeting Room” option and will allow children access into the session

  6. Class teachers will use the “mute on entry” function and during the session to allow everyone to hear/be heard

  7. The session will be a maximum of 30 minutes long

  8. If the member of staff has any concerns regarding safeguarding they will inform the Designated Safeguarding Lead

  9. If the member of staff has any concerns regarding behaviour, they will remind the pupil how to behave. If the behaviour continues, the member of staff may decide to end the session. The member of staff will speak to the parent to discuss behaviour

  10. Sessions will not be recorded by the school

  11. The member of staff will stay in the session until everyone has ‘logged off’

  12. There should never be a situation where a session takes place on a 1 to 1 basis with one teacher and pupil without another adult present


Pupil Protocol

Pupils will: 

  1. Ensure that they are wearing suitable clothing (e.g. not pyjamas)

  2. Engage in sessions to the best of their ability

  3. Adhere to the school's usual behavioural expectation.

  4. Follow the teacher’s directions as to when their cameras should be on

  5. Not record or photograph sessions in any way

  6. Mute their microphone until asked to speak

  7. Only use the chat function when instructed to do so


Parent and Carer Protocol

Parents and Carers will: 

  1. Understand that by allowing your child to attend the session, you are giving your consent and permission for your child to do so, in line with GDPR

  2. Organise their child to be in a quiet room/area for the session to reduce background noise and allow them to focus

  3. Consider the background where their child is sitting, ideally ensure it is plain and blank. It should not include any personal information (e.g. photos)

  4. Ensure the screen name is their child’s first name and initial of their surname. (failure to do this will result in the child not being able to access the session)

  5. Not use this session to enter into a discussion with the class teacher, or any other parents/carers on the session

  6. Not record, share or comment on public forums about individual teachers or children

  7. Ensure an appropriate adult remains responsible for monitoring and supervising any remote sessions to ensure the child is safe and using it appropriately


Staff Protocol

Staff will: 

  1. Complete sessions on their school laptop/IPad using Zoom

  2. When working from home complete sessions in an appropriate place (no bedrooms or inappropriate objects/information available)

  3. Complete sessions alone, with no other family member present in the room (if working from home)

  4. Not allow participants into the Zoom call if the screen name is not the child’s first name and initial of their surname

  5. Dress appropriately

  6. Not ask personal questions to the children that are out of context

  7. Not enter a conversation with a parent/carer that is not relevant to the session

  8. Keep a log of everything, including a register of attendance, agenda and any issues or concerns that arose – following school policy for reporting of any Safeguarding concerns

  9. Ensure that there will always be two members of staff present in every session.

  10. Continue to promote the ethos and values of Claydon Primary School


Please see below the  PDF version of Safeguarding protocols for live online session.

Safeguarding Protocols for Live Online Sessions